Georgetown Prep standout and three-star recruit Jared Bynum is one of the most talented and versatile offensive prospects in the entire nation. And despite his ten other scholarship offers, Bynum decided to take his talents to Philadelphia by committing to Saint Joesph’s University on March 22nd, 2017 – only six days following his 18th birthday.

” [Saint Joesph’s] was a school that made it clear to me that I was their top priority,” Bynum told Arthur Stepanyan in an exclusive HoopsNation interview. “I also believe that Coach Martelli and staff can put me in the position to improve my game and take me to the next level off the court,” Bynum would add.

Bynum’s hard work and dedication proved to pay off as he fulfilled one of his major goals and made a huge stride forward to his ultimate prophecy of playing professional basketball following his college career.

When asked what he brings to an NCAA locker room, Jared Bynum responded, “I usually lead by example, [I’m] always in the gym, [and] staying out of trouble. I’m also a vocal leader, but I believe actions go a longer way than words.

Many professional basketball players have earned themselves a roster spot due to their work ethic, character, and willingness to improve every day – something Bynum has proven. However, because the NBA has become such a cutthroat league, Bynum has expressed his other options if he can’t make it into the league.

“I would choose [to play] overseas [rather] than the G-League.” To ensure himself the highest probable chance of being successful at the next level, Jared told HoopsNation that, “In the future I see myself staying in college for a few years.”

It seems SJU will get the luxury of having the three-star recruit on their squad for multiple years. His biggest strength is undoubtedly his prowess on the offensive spectrum, something Saint Joe’s could put to good use as they’ve only averaged around 65.5 points per game over the last three seasons. (Sports Reference)

“[My] strengths would be shooting from three, passing, getting to the lane, finishing and limiting turnovers,” Jared explained.

Much like many great offensive talents in the NBA, Jared Bynum tends to have a harder time on defense than others.

“…I need to work on my defense on and off ball,” the 18-year-old admitted. “Some of [the problem] is my strength which I have been working on 3-4 times a week. I also have to always have the mentality to perform at my best on both sides of the ball,” he added.

Bynum views himself as one of the more underrated prospects out of the class, much like one of his biggest NBA idols, Isaiah Thomas.

“I would [have to say my biggest obstacle is] being overlooked and underrated, but that just gave me more motivation to keeping working everyday.” Bynum told HoopsNation, “More people are starting to notice me now, but being overlooked before keeps me going to prove what I am.”

“Some of it has to do with me being a smaller guard,” Bynum elaborated. “Players like Isaiah Thomas had to deal with the same obstacles and now he’s one of the leading scorers in the NBA.”

Jared Bynum continued to draw a direct parallel towards one of the NBA’s best players, Thomas. Because Bynum only stands at a mere 5’10” and 170lbs, he has to deal with the same criticisms the newly acquired Cleveland Cavaliers guard has had thrown in his path. Lucky for Jared, he still has time to grow which would increase his chances of success greatly and hopefully would grant him longevity in the NBA.

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