David DeJulius was born in Detroit, Michigan on August 9th of 1999. DeJulius remained loyal to his hometown of Detroit as he attended East English Village Prep and committed to the University of Michigan on December 22nd, 2016.

“… I knew where I was going and [I] wasn’t going to waste anyone’s [time] let alone a great coach and person such as Tom Izzo’s,” DeJulius told HoopsNation, ” I chose Michigan due to it being my dream school. It’s 45 minutes away from home [with] a genius of a coach in Coach Beilein,” he added.

Although David DeJulius has emerged as one of the best scorers in high school, he remains humbled by all the scholarship offers he’s received.  And as flattered as David was, he believed Michigan was the best university for his future in general as well as a basketball player.

It’s a great school for point guards,” David told HoopsNation, “I would go there [even] if I didn’t play basketball. It’s going to put me around great people and put me in the best position to be successful in life.

ESPN has DeJulius ranked as a four-star recruit for the 2018 recruiting class along with an 82 scouting grade. Although multiple outlets have him listed at six-feet-two-inches, David admits to being six-foot flat without shoes and weighing-in at 182 pounds.

When asked who his biggest mentor has been, whether it be an NBA or Michigan University player, David DeJulius mentioned the former Michigan Wolverine, Derrick Walton Jr. – who has recently been signed to a two-way contract with the Miami Heat.

[Walton] just tells me to be myself and to not turn the ball over.” DeJulius told HoopsNationI’m going to come in, be aggressive, and create for myself and teammates.”

DeJulius has turned a lot of heads with his prodigious ability to score the ball at will.

[My biggest] strength would be my first step” David explains, ” [It] allows me to either get by my man to create for myself and teammates, or use it to get the defender off balance for a jumper and to keep him respecting my quickness which allows me not to get pressured defensively.”

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Scoring just seems to come naturally for David DeJulius. He’s tallied in multiple 40-point games while putting on a show, but a glaring weakness of David’s game is his inability to consistently play above the rim.

My [biggest] weakness would be consistently becoming athletic, which I’m working on now, ” David told HoopsNation.

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DeJulius is a versatile offensive threat that can and will hurt an opposing team in a flurry of ways. His deep three-point range is not one to gamble upon as he has shown to be a huge threat of shooting the lights out on a night-to-night basis. His ability to create off the dribble allows him to keep defenders guessing, leading him to his great success and solidifying himself a spot in an upper echelon tier of a select few high school ballers.

Although DeJulius is vertically challenged as of right now, he has only recently turned 18-years-old. David will still likely grow another two-to-four inches until he reaches his final height; which if he does, will make him an unstoppable force in the NCAA and potentially even in the NBA.

His greatest dilemma thus far has been the crowd he surrounds himself with.

“… Some are around for their own personal agenda” DeJulius told HoopsNation; David later goes on to explain how he tries to manage those crowds and put himself in a positive environment. ” [I put] God first and think more about what’s in it for that individual; [I] pay attention to all signs [by] just being more aware.”

David DeJulius should be able to find success for the Michigan Wolverines due to them being a guard-orientated university. He’ll bring a score-first mentality along with humility and a sense of urgency to fully unveil his potential as a basketball player and, above all, a great human being.

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