After a dominating finals performance, which dubbed them NBA champions, this offseason was very much anticipated for the Golden State Warriors. Without skipping a beat, the Warriors continued to dominate, only this time, off the court.

From bringing in new faces, to extending important contracts, Golden State’s front office continues to show why they are one of the best in the league.

The Draft is where we start, where they purchased the 38th pick in the draft, Jordan Bell, from the Chicago Bulls for around 3.5 million dollars. Bell has proved to be a good move for the defending champions, as he averaged five points and nine rebounds in 21 minutes of action in a Warrior’s jersey during the Summer League.

In the early morning hours, just as free agency began, Stephen Curry and the organization reached a record-breaking deal, as the guard extended his contract by five years and gave him an astonishing $173 million, which resulted in his current contract equalling $201 million. This deal proved to the NBA and it’s fans just how valuable Curry is to the organization. This contract made him the highest-paid NBA player, but later in free agency, James Harden snuck in and signed a massive extension, blowing Curry’s out of the water.

Next there was the case of Kevin Durant. With Durant’s one-year contract coming to an end, the Warriors raced to sign him to a new contract extension. With the front office working more of their magic, Durant decided to take 9.5 million dollars less than his max, allowing Golden State to sign the rest of their impressive line-up.

As if Golden State’s line-up wasn’t impressive enough, the front office wasn’t done just yet. They announced the signings of free agents Omri Casspi, David West, Zaza Pachulia, Nick Young, Shaun Livingston, JaVale McGee, and 1-time finals MVP Andre Iguodala. These signings represent how deep the Warriors’ bench is, as well as inserting other potential role players.

Many people expected other ‘powerhouse’ teams to attempt to match the Warriors’ star-studded line-up, but it looks as if this rotation is as solid as they come, plus many teams simply don’t have the resources to match them. Their offseason will go down as one of the best ever, with the team having to sacrifice little to no assets in order to keep their prior roster in order. If the Warriors can keep the momentum they have sustained in the offseason through the upcoming NBA season, then they may become even more dominant than in previous years.

Final Grade: A+

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