Longtime veteran journeyman, Gerald Green agrees to a deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, as reported by ‘The Vertical’.

The 31-year-old has been a consistent player for every team he has played for, averaging nine points and about three rebounds a game.

His latest stint was with the Boston Celtics but played limited minutes with them. Although he only averaged around six points per game, which was among the worst numbers of his career, he proved to be a great contributor in the post-season for Boston.

However, his role with Milwaukee could wind up being much different. The Bucks are a younger team with more room for development, and a veteran is exactly what they need to help the skilled youth of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker, and Thon Maker. Though he may not be effective on the court for Milwaukee, he can still be a helpful locker room presence.

Though he may not be effective on the court for Milwaukee, he can still be a helpful locker room presence. Franchises that are not true contenders for a championship like Milwaukee show that developing their youth is their first priority.

Gerald Green was never the greatest player, but he has turned many heads with some amazing highlight tapes. He was the 2007 Slam Dunk Champion, putting on a show for the crowd in Las Vegas. He also showcased one of the more rememberable dunks ever, in which he caught an alley-oop and windmilled it home, his head going above the rim in an incredible display of athleticism.

Unfortunately for Green, bare dunking ability cannot earn you an extended contract. Which later proved to be true as he was traded by the Celtics later that year in a mega-deal for Kevin Garnett. He bounced around from many franchises in the NBA and even played a few years in Russia. The Bucks will be his eleventh different team that he has played for in his long career.

Gerald Green may never become for Milwaukee, but he will be valuable as a veteran leader who can aid the youth in development as players, and human beings.

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