The Denver Nuggets have reached an agreement on a new extension for shooting guard, Gary Harris, worth $84 million over four years, as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski.

After being traded on draft night by the Chicago Bulls, Gary Harris quickly proved Chicago they would regret their decision. He provides an array of assets for the Denver Nuggets at the age of 23. Harris is an elite perimeter shooter and defender, and he proved to be a huge complimentary piece for Nikola Jokic when cutting to the basket effectively. Not to mention, his great margin for improvement.

The Denver Nuggets decided to not take any chances with free agency for Harris and banked in on him early. Harris has improved year after year as he started his career averaging just over three points per contest, and has now elevated it to nearly 15.

With Harris’ youth, Denver hopes he can grow into an All-Star caliber player (as his new contract would suggest), to complete the puzzle in the “Mile High City” to propel them into championship contention. ¬†Once returning from injury the prior season, Denver saw a significant improvement in wins and all-around play. He became a vital piece on both sides of the ball, and Denver hopes they can receive a better version of him moving forward.

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