In the upcoming NBA Draft, a lot has been said, analyzed, assessed, debated, and pondered over about the first three to five picks. But like all NBA drafts, there is much more talent than just the first few picks.

There are plenty of teams that haven’t been talked about in recent draft talk, but those teams have a gigantic pool of talent to choose from; one being the Charlotte Hornets. The Hornets had a disappointing 2017 season, ending the year with a lowly 36 wins and 46 losses.

Like many other teams in this year’s draft, this upcoming draft will be hugely important for them. So here are five routes the Charlotte Hornets could take with the 11th pick in the 2017 NBA draft.

Donovan Mitchell

A shooting guard out of Louisville, Mitchell is a high-powered offensive machine that can shoot the ball from three very efficiently and is very scary when driving to the rim. He never backs down from a challenge and is one of the toughest players in the draft pool. Though undersized for the two-guard position, at only 6’ 3’’,  he has to play physical and rough in the NBA for years to come for him to become successful.

Jarrett Allen

One the best talents at the center position in this draft, Allen is a super long big man (he has a 7’5″ wingspan!) who is very quick on his feet and able to guard players very efficiently. He is incredibly strong and could turn into a lob catching, shot blocking maniac in the NBA. However, his perimeter game is pretty much nonexistent, as he went 0-7 from three at Texas University while shooting 56 percent from the free throw line. He needs to show his offensive game can be trusted. If he does, the Hornets can groom him into exactly the type of player they need.

Luke Kennard

Kennard was a great player at Duke University, averaging 20.3 points per game while earning a reputation as one of the best shooters in the NCAA. He had a sweet left-handed shot that never seemed to fail. While he has yet to show anywhere near the same amount of ability on the defensive side as he has shown on the offensive side, he has talent and potential to become a sharpshooting, scoring machine for a long time.

Harry Giles

Every year in the draft there is a player who is a risk/reward player. Either that player isn’t consistent, has attitude issues, or deals with injuries. This year, Giles is that player. The number one recruit of the 2017 recruiting class, Giles has unlimited potential but has not been able to show it at college (Duke) because of the unfortunate multiple injuries he has suffered to his knee. Despite all that, he has obvious potential that many teams could use from. The Hornets are still recovering from the unfortunate disappointment from former number nine overall pick Frank Kaminsky, so they need a good big man to fill his spot, Harry Giles would perfectly fit that role.

Justin Jackson

Jackson had a great year at UNC, scoring 18 points per game while adding three assists and five rebounds. He also shot 44 percent from the field while also shooting 37 percent from the three point line. While those shooting numbers don’t exactly blow anyone away, he has great shot form and can hit the three when you give him space. He has shown that he is also much more than simply a shooter, driving and scoring easily, walking home with the ACC Player of the Year, and leading his Tar Heels to an NCAA Championship.

It was a quite year for the junior, and truly showed all of his potential. He will fit perfectly into the Hornets’ scheme, and he will surround All-Star point guard Kemba Walker with a scorer, which is what exactly what the Hornets want.

The draft is crucial to every team, but it is even more important than usual for the Hornets.

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