Former New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher was arrested Sunday morning for suspicion of DUI after his SUV hit a guardrail and overturned at around 3am. Police suspected Fisher had been drinking and made the arrest.

It was also reported that Fisher’s girlfriend Gloria Govan was in the car when the SUV flipped, but she was uninjured.

Ever since his failed stint at coaching, Fisher just can’t seem to escape the negative headlines. When Fisher was named head coach of the Knicks he was then fired in the middle of his second┬áseason after losing nine of their last 10 games in 2014. He then dated now-girlfriend Gloria Govan, ex-girlfriend of Golden State Warriors vet Matt Barnes. The two got into an altercation at the home where Fisher, Govan, and Govan’s two children lived.

Earlier this year, Fisher’s five NBA Championship rings were stolen. He was not home at the time.

Now Fisher has been arrested on suspicion of a DUI. The LA Daily News reported that Fisher is now out of jail after his arrest.

His life is not at its greatest, while Barnes is on the chase for a ring with Golden State. One man’s life has been in decline mode, while one has been on the rise. It’s frowned upon┬áto date a former teammates girlfriend, no matter how you spin it. This should have no meaning at all, but one of them is closer to having the last laugh pretty soon.

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