Seth Curry has never had it easy in the NBA. After watching his brother be propelled into stardom as a two-time MVP, he looked for his fit with several NBA teams. After showcasing his talent in Sacramento, he signed a two-year contract with the Dallas Mavericks and seemed to have found his fit. Last season, Seth started 40 games and played in 70 total, becoming a solid piece and a clear fan favorite. Despite his success in the prior season, the injury bug has no remorse.

Marc Stein of The New York Times first reported on Curry’s stress reaction in his left tibia on Saturday, October 7th. This comes as terrible news for Curry as he was preparing for an electric season in which he planned to start more games and expand his role in the organization. With Curry entering the final year of his contract, another good season from Curry may have led him to a longer, and more lucrative contract.

The extent of the injury is still unknown, but Curry is listed as ‘out indefinitely’ at this point and team officials are taking his injury week-by-week. The team says they plan to re-evaluate Curry’s injury weekly and will continue to update his timetable as new information becomes available.

As for Curry’s position, the Mavericks are full of depth at the guard position, with players like Yogi Ferrell, J.J. Barea and the new addition, Dennis Smith Jr. With all this depth, the Mavericks shouldn’t be worried about their production from the position.

One notable name who could play Curry’s position, for the time being, is Dennis Smith Jr. (who was expected to play alongside Curry this year, but he very well may find himself playing more than expected). Smith Jr. is often considered as a “dark horse” for the Rookie of the Year award and the absence of Curry will substantially increase his odds.

Ultimately, the absence of Curry will grant Dennis Smith Jr. more playing time and should allow him to showcase his array of talents on a big stage.

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