After being bought out by the Chicago Bulls, all eyes were on Dwyane Wade. It was assumed by most people within the media, as well as the fans, that Wade would head to Cleveland to team up with LeBron James once again. As it turns out, that still appears to be the case.

Cleveland presents the 35-year-old Wade with another shot at grabbing his fourth career NBA Championship, as well as playing with his close friend once more.

Another assumption that was drawn from his buyout is that Wade was seriously considering joining the Oklahoma City Thunder. It would make sense after their acquisition of Carmelo Anthony over the weekend, who also has personal ties with Wade.

However, the Thunder were not Wade’s second choice, but rather, the San Antonio Spurs. According to one of Wade’s strength and conditioning trainers, Dr. Joan Rubinger, his list of destinations were as follows: Cleveland, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Miami, and Houston, in that order.

While Miami isn’t exactly a big contender for this upcoming NBA season, it was the city that Wade called home for the first 13 years of his NBA career; it’s not surprising that he was interested in heading back. Houston, though, seems to be the most out-of-place team on his list. With James Harden and Chris Paul already manning the front court, would Wade have been willing to play the small forward position, or even come off the bench?

No matter where Wade inevitably signs, it seems obvious that he’ll have a limited role. At 35 years of age, Wade played a career-low 29.9 minutes per game last season with Chicago. On top of that, his 43.4 percent shooting from the field was also a career-low.

According to reports, Wade expects to make his mind up as early as Wednesday, and it appears that Cleveland remains the leading candidate to land the former Finals MVP.

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