Is Dwyane Wade an all-star this year? Sure, it’s a bit early to be making All-Star game predictions, but with the Bulls struggling this year, Wade has been one of the lone bright spots on an otherwise weak roster. 

Why he should be in the All Star game

The man can still score. 

Although his points per game are down, Dwyane is still scoring 19 points per game. That, coupled with a lower usage rate than the last few years help his case quite a bit. If he scored 15 points per game with his average to below average defense, I don’t think we would be considering him much. The offense in Chicago has more targets than his offense in Miami, so obviously his points per game should go down.

Dwyane can take over a game on both sides of the ball. 

In a game against the 76ers, he scored 26 points in 29 minutes. At first look, this stat line is impressive, but not amazing. If you look deeper, though, he had a plus 19 plus-minus, shot 61 percent from the field (11-18), and had 3 steals. You look at that stat line and think, hey, that’s pretty good. Then you consider the fact that basketball reference considers this as Dwyane’s fifteenth best game of the young season. The man can still ball.

Why he should NOT be in the All Star game

Other Shooting Guards in the Eastern Conference. 

I’m assuming we can just give a spot to Demar Derozan without even thinking about it. He scores the most of any shooting guard in the NBA, at 27.8 points per game. This is not to mention that his assists per game is high for a shooting guard and he plays above average defense. Bradley Beal is another shooting guard I would give an All-Star spot before Wade, as he averages 22.2 ppg, and his apg and rpg are about the same as Wade’s. Not to mention that his PER is just about the same, at 19.6. Beal would get the nudge, simply for his higher scoring output.

Dwyane Wade’s Defense is not good.

Last year with the Miami Heat, Wade was rated the worst defensive player on the team by basketball reference. Granted, he is involved in lots of plays that don’t show up on the box score, but still, he is not a good defensive player. Typically, all-star players are great on the defensive end.

My Opinion

In my opinion, at this point in the season Wade is not playing well enough to make the game. If we assume that the starter will be Derozan, and that Beal will most likely be the backup, Wade would have to be the third shooting guard on the Eastern Conference team. Personally, I would like to see him on the team, because he is well known by fans, and is still a very solid scoring threat.

Being a huge fan of Marquette University, Wade’s alma mater, I’d be rooting for him to do well if he were to make the game.

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