Today is the first day of Spring, and everyone woke up to the Duke Blue Devils no longer being in the NCAA tournament. For many fans, this would be considered a beautiful day.

The Duke University Blue Devils were a heavy favorite to win it all, but that dream came to a screeching halt, with a second round bounce by the South Carolina Gamecocks.

In what was considered a home game for South Carolina, their defense was proven to be a nightmare for Duke. Duke was out-rebounded 37-34, and lost the turnover battle 18-11.

As prominent as Duke’s program has been, it is always feast or famine with this team. Let’s take a look at their last 10 seasons:

2006-2007: NCAA Round of 64

2007-2008: NCAA Round of 32

2008-2009: Sweet Sixteen

2009-2010: National Champions

2010-2011: Sweet Sixteen

2011-2012: Round of 64

2012-2013: Elite Eight

2013-2014: Round of 64

2014-2015: National Champions

2015-2016: Sweet Sixteen

With Duke’s loss, this marks the first time since 1981, that the preseason No. 1 team and the final AP No. 1 team (Villanova) both fail to reach the Sweet 16.

The ACC started out the tournament with nine teams, but now that number has dwindled all the way down to 1: North Carolina, who scraped by a scrappy Arkansas team.

South Carolina wasted no time trolling Duke, but when you upset basketball royalty early in the tournament, you can do whatever you want.

South Carolina will travel to New York to face No. 3 Baylor at Madison Square Garden. It is fair to note that South Carolina’s first NCAA win since 1973 came in their first-round win, and now they have reached their first ever Sweet Sixteen in program history.

Duke on the other hand, will have to regroup for the 2017-2018 season. With the additions of Wendell Carter and Gary Trent, Duke currently has the No. 1 recruiting class in the ACC, so fans will have go through their hating process all over again. As of right now, though, they’re all just basking in the moment.

Blame Coach Mike Krzyzewski for always winning, but it goes without a doubt that when Duke loses, the world rejoices.

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