Kansas University forward Josh Jackson is one of the top prospects in the NBA Draft. It would be a shock for most, if he fell past the number five pick. Jackson averaged 16.3 points per game, 7.4 rebounds, and three assists during his freshman year as a Jay Hawk. His potential is through the roof, and there are many teams that could use a player like him.


Josh Jackson averaged almost 17 points in his freshman year without really having an elite offensive skill-set. His greatest asset to any team at this point offensively will be his ability to cut, and get easy baskets in transition. During his time in Kansas, Jackson was excellent at using his athleticism to make plays. That energy off the ball will make him excel immediately as a pro.

Jackson’s defensive intensity is his best asset coming into the NBA. Even though he has a slight frame, his quickness and athleticism give him the ability to guard three positions well. He averaged over a block, and almost two steals a game which shows how active he is as a defender. His defensive abilities will be crucial for him, as he continues to grow on the offensive end.


Jackson’s shooting was very streaky during his time at Kansas. He struggled tremendously with his shot early in the season, but improved as the season went on. Jackson’s three-point shooting percent was very respectable at 37.8. It will be important for him to improve his range to the NBA level, and bring up that percentage at the same time. The league requires wing players to be excellent jump shooters. If Jackson wants to reach his full potential, it will be necessary for him to be a knock-down shooter.

Jackson will have to improve his strength going forward as well. His slight frame will be a disadvantage to him when he comes up against strong forwards who can play with their backs to the basket like LeBron James and Paul George. Jackson is still only twenty-years-old, so his physique should improve over the years, but look for strong forwards to take advantage of him early on in his career.

Best Fit (Top 10 picks)

The best fit for Josh Jackson would be the Phoenix Suns. Pairing him along star shooting guard Devin Booker would be excellent going forward. Jackson would provide immediate defensive energy to a Suns team that was lacking in that area last season. Phoenix fans would have a lot to smile about with Jackson and Booker as their future swing-men.

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