With the NBA season over and the Golden State Warriors crowned champions, it is time for one of the most exciting times in the league’s calendar: Free Agency.

This year is going to be very exciting, with players like Gordon Hayward, Blake Griffin, and Kyle Lowry all free agents this summer. Another one of those players is the Los Angeles Clippers star point guard, Chris Paul. During playoff time and before, everyone assumed that Paul would be staying with the Clippers. But as time ticks on, you do have to wonder. Paul is on the wrong end of 30, and has yet to ever win a ring. In fact, since CP3 joined the Clippers, he has made the playoffs all six of those years. But, in all of those years, he has never made it past the second round. And before he was on the Clippers, when he played for the New Orleans Pelicans, he only made the postseason twice and only got past the first round once. With all that stacking up, you might think it is time for a change.

Two teams that could get Paul are the Denver Nuggets and the Houston Rockets. He stated that he would meet with the Nuggets and Hornets when free agency starts.

Both clubs have desirable assets that could use a good strong point guard to anchor the team. The Nuggets drafted Emmanuel Mudiay with the seventh pick in the 2015 draft, but he has yet to perform anywhere near the standards of a seventh pick, averaging only 11 points a game with four assists. Solid numbers for a second unit player, but for a top-10 pick expected to lead his team at the point guard position, they are dismal.

With Nikola Jokic performing great this last season, the Nuggets simply don’t have an efficient passer to feed him the rock while also taking some of the scoring burden off his shoulders. Paul would perfectly fit that role. Combine that with the fact that the Nuggets are a very young team without a veteran to provide a leadership role in the locker room and on the court, and you’ve got a perfect fit for him.

On the other hand, Houston are a team that has always been pretty good, but can’t seem to pull it together come playoff time. The biggest bright spot on the team is obviously MVP candidate James Harden. Harden had an amazing year, averaging 29 points and 11 assists per game, which brought him into the MVP running. While he had an amazing year, he and his Rockets were no match for the timeless San Antonio Spurs in the second round. With that said, Harden needs another star to play alongside him and feed him the ball. With a point guard as good as Paul bringing the ball up court, Harden won’t have to waste his energy running the point, and can go back to his original position at the two guard. Paul will have many choices to choose from. Who will he sign with? We’ll have to wait and see.

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