Phil Jackson may have something much more elaborate planned for this New York Knicks team than just keeping Carmelo & developing the young Kristaps Porzingis. That possibility could have to do with why they traded for Derrick Rose while only having one year left on his contract while being injury prone at the same time. Regardless of whether this possible plan actually works though, Derrick Rose has already been a success. In aquiring D Rose from Chicago, they aquired the idea of D Rose which in 2016 is much more valuable than D Rose himself. Let me be clear on that, the idea of former MVP D Rose, Melo, 2nd year KP is what brought in the talents of Courtney Lee on a 4 year contract, Joakim Noah on a 4 year contract as well as signing on Knicks 6th man, Brandon Jennings. Before D Rose even stepped on the court for the NYK, he had already done his job. Phil Jackson & the Knicks used the idea of Derrick Rose to relieve any fear of D Rose getting injured (apart from financially) in the form of Brandon Jennings who most fans know as a starting point guard. So, if D Rose can’t stay healthy (which has been a theme over the past few years) the Knicks are set… because of Derrick Rose.

Now, onto the exciting part of the equation. The part that every year All Star Chris Paul (CP3) fits into the equation. First off, he’s great friends with Carmelo Anthony. Secondly, he loves big market teams. Most importantly though (not to mention the salary cap rising), he has the opportunity to opt out of the final year of his contract with the Clippers. CP3 has had an extremely tough time with LA, always falling just short. At the end of the year, his main main, Blake Griffin, will be a free agent as well and is expected to leave. Back to where the Knicks fit in now, the Knicks won’t have point guard. The Knicks are also currently at the top of the weak Eastern conference. What Phil’s plan for Brandon Jennings & D Rose may be, apart from bringing in other talent, may be making the MSG PG role look extremely appetizing. It’s gonna be fun to see what unfolds. The Knicks have a really good shot.

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