Point Guard Chris Paul is missing one key component from his Hall of Fame career — a ring. The 9-time All-Star has failed to even make it past the Conference Semifinals in stints with the New Orleans Hornets (now New Orleans Pelicans) and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Both Paul and the San Antonio Spurs had disappointing endings to their seasons, mostly due to lack of healthy personnel. Per ESPN’s Zach Lowe, both parties have demonstrated “mutual interest” recently. The injury to Tony Parker and Patty Mills‘s impending free agency, combined with Paul’s odyssey in search for a championship, make them a perfect match.

One thing that was painfully clear during the playoffs was that the Spurs’ ball movement of old was gone. Kawhi Leonard’s surge as a scoring threat, LaMarcus Aldridge’s iso style, and the fact that seven players were new to the roster took its toll on their once beautiful offense. Paul fixes that, because he may be the only pure point left in the NBA and is still an elite passer 13 seasons into his career.

Though San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich has shown he does not need multiple All-Stars on his roster to win championships, things are different now. In order to win the rematch with the Golden State Warriors next season and then go on to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers or possibly the Boston Celtics in the Finals, the Spurs need Paul wearing the silver and black, commanding their offense like the great playmaker he is.

Just how ready is Paul to depart from Southern California? In his six seasons as a Clipper, he has done much for the organization, transforming them from the Los Angeles Lakers‘ forgotten little brothers into LA’s big dogs, so to speak. He is already the all-time leading assister in the franchise’s history.

Rumors had come out earlier that he’d verbally agreed to a long-term deal with the front office, but considering he’s not getting any younger and sadly, the Clips, who should have made at least one WCF with him, aren’t getting any better. It may be time for him to swap allegiances to San Antonio.

Everybody knows Chris Paul is one of the greatest point guards ever, but few realize just how special he is. The number of players who can call themselves the greatest in the history of two franchises can be counted with one hand. Paul is one of them. He deserves a ring, and joining forces with San Antonio may be his best shot at getting one.

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