After the Boston Celtics defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 112-94 on Wednesday night and the Cleveland Cavaliers lost 98-83 to the Toronto Raptors, that cemented the first the for the Celtics in the Eastern Conference. Because they have the first seed the Celtics will get home court advantage throughout the whole Eastern Conference playoff bracket.

The Celtics won three straight games to close out a very successful season on their end. The Cavaliers who lost the first seed, lost their last four games ending the regular season. They elected to rest LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in the teams’ final two games, and rested Kevin Love in the last regular season game. This surprised many people being they had the first seed in their possession and letting the Celtics take it while they fell to the two seed.

The Celtics will take on the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Playing their first game Sunday, April 16th at 6:30 P.M. EST on TNT. Chicago went 7-3 in the final 10 games of the season, and are looking to put up a fight against the Celtics.

Before Wednesday’s game against the Bucks, Celtics’ head coach Brad Stevens stated the one seed was never a focus point for him but felt his team earned the spot.

“I’m excited about progress, from the standpoint that we’ve been consistent in our approach,” Stevens said. “We haven’t got too high or low with regard to long losing streaks or, if things don’t go our way, not being able to respond. Most good teams are that way.” Via (ESPN Chris Forsburg)

The Celtics were led this season by star point guard Isaiah Thomas, who averaged 29.1 points, 5.9 assists, 2.7 rebounds, shot 46.4 percent from the field, and 38.0 percent from three. They put up a record of 53-29 and proved themselves as one of the best teams in the NBA.

The Eastern Conference standings are set and the Celtics have the one seed, the Cavaliers have the second, the Raptors have the third, the Washington Wizards have the fourth, the Atlanta Hawks are at fifth, the Bucks are at sixth, the Indiana Pacers are at seventh, and the Bulls are at the eighth spot.

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