A Carmelo Anthony trade to the Boston Celtics this off-season is becoming a real possibility, with the New York Knicks reportedly interested in Jae Crowder, per New York Post’s Marc Berman.

It’s fair to say that Anthony has not endured the easiest of seasons this year with the Knicks, finding himself at the center of a lot of trade murmurs. Speculation over the forward’s future were fuelled further after team president Phil Jackson stated that the super-star would “be better off somewhere else.”

Berman reported that the Celtics coaching staff were interested in acquiring Anthony at the trade deadline, but general manager Danny Ainge decided against making an offer. One of his major concerns regarding a potential move for the ten-time NBA All-Star was that had a trade gone through, Boston would have limited cap space to work with for the upcoming free-agent class.

One player that has caught the Knicks’ attention is not one many would have expected; Boston’s 26-year-old forward Crowder.

The following is from the New York Post:

The Post has learned that in talks with the Celtics, their defensive small forward Jae Crowder would be a major player of interest for Knicks president Phil Jackson. In fact, Jackson lamented not trading for Crowder when he was on the table in the 2014 trade talks with the Mavericks for Tyson Chandler.

Crowder is an extremely hard-working, tenacious defender who’s also pretty potent from beyond the arc, shooting 39.8-percent from three this season. Crowder’s ability to operate as a ‘glue-guy’ is an extremely underrated trait in his arsenal, and one that is likely cherished by the Celtics. However, if they do not progress past the first round this postseason, they may need to debate a shake-up, with trading for Anthony top of their list.

Despite the numerous distractions thrown at him this year, Anthony has averaged 22.4 points per game on 43.3-percent shooting proving he is still an offensive weapon, although age is not on his side. The 32-year-old forward offers a degree of versatility, being able to comfortably operate as a power forward in small ball rotations.

This news paired with Phil Jackson’s comments spell a likely end for Carmelo’s tenure in New York, leaving several teams drooling at the prospect of adding him to their roster. While Boston are his most probable suitors, they’ll definitely face stiff competition.

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