The Chicago Bulls have put Robin Lopez and Doug McDermott on the trade block. They are asking for a first-round pick in return for each of these players. Already having two possible first-round picks (they will get the Sacramento Kings‘ pick if they fall out of the top 10), clearly the Bulls are looking to change things up.

It is unknown whether the Bulls are trying to rebuild or make the playoffs, but it continues to look more like a potential rebuild. The 2017 draft has been regarded by many as one of the deepest classes the NBA has seen in recent years. If a rebuild is the plan for Chicago, accumulating as many picks as possible for this upcoming draft is a smart move.

With that being said it is unlikely that either of these players alone have enough value to acquire a first rounder. Lopez could be enough to get a playoff team’s pick, but McDermott alone will probably not be worth it for most teams.

Robin Lopez is making $13.2 million this season and $41.4 million over the next three years. Getting that salary off of the roster is always helpful for future moves. As for McDermott, he is only making 5.8 million over the next two years and he is also still a young player, being drafted in 2014.

McDermott is not the first person that comes to mind when it comes to trade rumors in Chicago. Clearly there are more important pieces that should be on the move if they are rebuilding (Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade, and possibly Jimmy Butler). McDermott should be an afterthought at this point.

The Chicago Bulls need to use this upcoming trade deadline to decide what they want to do with their roster, whether its blowing it up or not. If they can acquire young assets and draft picks especially for this year, it would benefit them more. Rather than having no identity, the Bulls could try to improve to secure a playoff spot or trade away some veterans to prepare for the future.

Lopez and McDermott rumors may continue to swirl, but it is unlikely a move will be made if the Bulls don’t sweeten the offer.

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