The Milwaukee Bucks and Charlotte Hornets have come to an agreement on a deal that will send Roy Hibbert and Spencer Hawes to the Bucks. Charlotte is set to acquire Miles Plumlee in return. Milwaukee is prepared to waive veteran forward Steve Novak, once the trade is official. This would allow the Bucks to maintain the fifteen-man roster limit.

The Bucks are reportedly looking to move Greg Monroe, so perhaps this kind of deal shall open the door. John Henson has essentially split time at the position with Monroe each at around 20 minutes per game. Henson is the more favorable player in today’s NBA. The traditional, back-to-the-basket, post scorers are no longer considered “effective,” meaning Monroe is less-valuable than Henson.

Monroe will probably be dealt to a team that lacks offense. It is unlikely that a playoff contender would give up any clear assets to trade for Monroe at this point in his career. Milwaukee should be willing to take some under-the-radar perimeter players, which would be the more ideal situation for both sides.

Roy Hibbert just signed a 1-year, $5M deal with the Hornets last summer. Hibbert has struggled mightily since his last season with the Indiana Pacers, and has not found consistency. He is getting much older and much slower. The Bucks are a team that wants to get out and run, and it’s unclear how the fit between the two will come together. Hibbert could perhaps still be on the move.

Spencer Hawes is a great fit for this team (provided he doesn’t get moved elsewhere). He adds a rare shooting ability to the center position, and moves the ball well for a big-man. ‘Stretch bigs’ are becoming more valuable by the year.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of this deal was moving Miles Plumlee to Charlotte. As of right now, the Hornets are right in the thick of things, currently sitting at the bottom-half of the Eastern Conference. This move opens up a roster spot for them, so Charlotte might not be finished making moves either, as they’re reportedly signing Mike Tobey from the D-League.


The Hornets already have Cody Zeller and Frank Kaminsky in their big-man rotation, so it’s hard to see from the outside looking in where Plumlee will get his minutes. Frank Kaminsky is no stranger to playing power forward, and perhaps that may be the plan for Coach Steve Clifford.

It doesn’t look like Plumlee will not get much production or minutes with this Hornets team. This could have been a move just to open up a roster-spot. With his 4-year, $50M contract, it would be a shame for the organization not to make use of his abilities.

This deal has many questions that no one knows the right answers to. Not quite yet, at least. Hopefully in the coming weeks we will see more moves from both teams that perhaps make sense. In order for that to happen, the Bucks must move Monroe.

If anything extra, this deal was absolutely pointless.

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