More news has circulated around the NBA today, as former Charlotte Hornets guard Briante Weber has signed with the Los Angeles Lakers expectedly as a backup for Lonzo Ball.

Weber was a defensive ace at Virginia Commonwealth University during the four years that he played there. He was the Atlantic 10 Conference Defensive Player of the Year three times and was selected for the All-Defensive team for the Atlantic 10 Conference three times as well. He set the NCAA season record for most steals in 2013-2014 while averaging 3.4 steals per game that season. He was a mere 12 steals away from setting the all time record for the NCAA when he tore his ACL during a game in his senior season.

However, he had a concerning lack of offensive ability, not being able to show the prowess on offense that would allow him to transcend to the NBA. That in addition to the torn ACL made him go undrafted in the 2015 NBA draft. He was picked up by many teams, dropped, bounced around, got injured, and played in the D-League. Unfortunately, he was always in an awkward limbo where he was too good for D-League but not good enough for the NBA. He made the All-NBA D-League second team in 2017, along with making the D-League all-defensive team in the same year, in addition to being an All-Star.

He has more than proven himself defensively, and now it is time he shows that he has a worthy offensive game. If he can develop his offensive skill-set, then he and Ball can pack a good one-two punch at the point guard position.

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