The newest revelations of the Ball family’s antics broke on Tuesday. Lavar Ball, father of three basketball prodigies, including second overall draft pick Lonzo Ball, has decided to pull his youngest son, LaMelo Ball out of high school basketball to homeschool him and train him personally.

LaMelo has captivated crowds at Chino Hills High School, pulling up from long distances and draining shots that leave audience’s speechless. His play has attracted prestigious competition such as Oak Hill Academy, one of the top basketball High Schools that has had players like Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant attend. His game against fellow star Zion Williamson attracted over a million viewers, and LeBron James himself showed up to watch, but unfortunately the arena was too crowded.

Now that LaMelo is off of the team and out of High School basketball, lots of viewers will stop watching. People usually only watch this level of basketball for the prodigies, and LaMelo was one of those. Now that he is gone, the viewership will go down drastically, which is sure to impact the sport at this level considerably.

It is an interesting choice, and one that many other parents of high school stars would be afraid to do. But LaVar has always been known to speak his mind, no matter how unpopular his opinion is.

Obviously, there is another personal element that isn’t seen by other people, the inside life of the family and actions that might have contributed to this sudden change. For all we know, this is all part of LaVar’s master plan. This could easily go either way, as playing ball on a team is very helpful in terms of getting better as a player, but then again, LaMelo is a huge talent, so perhaps he does not need to play team ball. With all of that being said, this is a very interesting decision, and it could work out for the better or for the worse. Only time will tell.

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