LaVar Ball┬áhas been kicked out of his son LaMelo’s game after getting a technical foul. LaVar’s team, the Big Ballers, forfeited due to LaVar taking his team off the floor and leaving the game. Hoops Nation has obtained an exclusive video with the help of Overtime in which LaVar shares his thoughts on just what happened and why his technical led to the boycott.

In the video, LaVar accuses the other team of cheating. He explains he’s not going to have his players play against cheaters. Before storming off he yells, “I’m not gonna play that s***!”

This is not the first time LaVar has been involved in antics and gotten media attention. He has constantly been a focus of basketball media ever since announcing that he would beat Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one. LaVar is known at this point for his bombastic and outspoken ways and this will not be the last time his hijinks get attention.

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