With the trade deadline approaching fast, Danny Ainge has made it clear to everyone he wants a star. The Boston Celtics are currently sitting second in the Eastern Conference only 2.5 games back of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

That being said if Cleveland is healthy, Boston doesn’t have a great chance of beating them as the team stands right now. Danny Ainge knows this and he also knows a star wing player like Jimmy Butler or Paul George could help them tremendously. They could give this team a fighting chance at a championship, which is not something many teams have this season.

Paul George is a great all-around player, being able to score, defend, and rebound at a high level. He is a great player to build a team around, and playing alongside Isaiah Thomas, he could take some of the scoring pressure off.

Thomas is second in the league in scoring (only behind Russell Westbrook) and leading the league in 4th quarter scoring. George would not have to be the go to guy down the stretch, even though he is capable. Thomas has proven he’s the man that will take the big shots in Boston.

As great as this could be for the Celtics, it is very unlikely the Indiana Pacers would agree to give up their star. At this point, almost everyone knows that Boston has enough assets to make any deal sound good, but unless they give up multiple picks and players, this trade seems doubtful. Paul George is having a good season for the Pacers even though they had a very slow start to the season, so trading away George is not the answer.

Jimmy Butler on the other hand is a different story.

The Chicago Bulls have no clue what they are doing and it has been that way since the offseason at least. There have been many rumors regarding Jimmy Butler since they end of last season, the Celtics being the main team interested.

The Bulls have not been able to decide if they are rebuilding or not (main reason for Butler rumors), but at this point they probably should. Blowing up the roster is not a bad move right now for Chicago and the best place to send Butler is to Boston. The Celtics can offer Brooklyn Nets‘ picks or young assets that Chicago would likely want to help their potential rebuild.

For the Celtics, Butler could add similar things as George, but Jimmy has been having a better year than George. The fact that he is more attainable as well should make Danny Ainge lean more towards Chicago’s Butler. Jimmy’s only downfall is that he is not the best shooter, but he makes up for that on the defensive side of the ball.

Boston needs a star to play alongside Isaiah. If they have an opportunity to get either of these superstars, they must make the move.

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