The Atlanta Hawks claim they will not be moving Paul Millsap despite some rumors in early January. Millsap, a 10-year veteran, has the right to opt out of his third year, paying $21,472,408.

Paul is past his prime but is still a very serviceable player in the league today, but his future is unknown at this point. With the way the league is currently constituted, most players opt out of their contract and sign another big-money deal for short years with another early opt-out option. The benefit of this only works if the player is able to continuously sign contracts worth more than their previous deal.

The salary cap has increased each year at record-breaking levels for consecutive years, with money rolling in for the NBA both in television deals and the alleged $150 million dollars in jersey advertisements. A growing cap means more money, and every player, even an average player’s value increases with the ceiling growing financially each year. Millsap could easily opt out of his current deal, and try to sign a $22 million-dollar deal elsewhere.

Atlanta has yet to of been informed of what Paul Millsap’s plans are, and the uncertainty has led to some rumors swirling that Atlanta may trade the 32-year-old power forward. His big contract makes for a nice trade piece. Atlanta can either bring in another high-level player, or a plethora of younger talent.

After months of potential trade talks revolved around Millsap, Paul informed ESPN that he was told he wouldn’t be moved. That is not always 100% true, there have been situations where a job was promised and never came to fruition.

Though Atlanta could stand pretty still at the deadline and be okay, if they so choose, the Hawks are currently sitting in as the five seed in the Eastern Conference. They are six and a half games back from the Cleveland Cavaliers, but only four games back from the Boston Celtics for 2nd in the conference.

Atlanta is not in “Must Sell Mode”, but they also could use a piece to get a tad more over the hump. Most teams at this point do turn into sellers, and Atlanta can acquire a valuable piece for cheap, without having to break the bank.

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