Meet Jagmeet Kahlon. Born in Seattle, Washington, he grew up watching and playing basketball my whole life.
As he put it to me earlier, he fell in love with the game from an early age. Growing up, he was an avid Lakers fanatic.
You’ll see how that has had an impact on him in a moment…
Currently a Pre Med Student at Creighton University, he works for the hoops team and as he put it, “Building relationships with players is my key for sure and building myself a good reputation with the coaches.” He then claimed that he got the job from scouting which led to getting noticed. For those that want to go down that route, that’s a nice little tip right there.
That’s not it for him though, he’s opening up his own agency called Ace Media Management. The goal with that is to help educate athletes on social and grow their audience to the max potential.
At the same time, he aspires to become a doctor one day while managing this biz on the side. “I’ve connected to many top high school athletes in terms of marketing, college athletes and guys in the NBA as well, helping them grow out their platforms. Company is officially  is going to launch at the start of January.” Kahlon said.
We had a little text back and forth following that. Here that is:
Q:  What would you like to do going forwards?
Kahlon: Market these athletes through my company and work to be a doctor alongside that.
Q: How to you prioritize things if you have two goals so far apart from each other?
Kahlon: I don’t think they are so far apart because the end goal is to work in the NBA as a doctor but have my business that works with these athletes so I’m doing whatever I can to stay close to the game
Q: What made you want to be that? Was it a moment? person?
Kahlon: It’s a combination of my own goals and the aspirations of those around me and what they want me to become in the future which is a doctor.
Q: Is there anyone you look up to that may guide you in this goal?
Kahlon: Kobe Bryant for sure. His passion for basketball was unmatched and how he continues to use his drive in the business world to achieve success is beyond remarkable.
It’s going to be interesting to see where this journey takes him. An interesting trajectory.

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