On Friday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said that the 2018 All-Star Game will be given a fresh reset in order to restore some competitive essence back to the annual match-up, per Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN.com

Youngmisuk reported that L.A. Clippers guard Chris Paul, who is also president of the National Basketball Players Association, called Silver stating that ‘we need to fix this’, shortly after the Western Conference conquered the Eastern Conference 192-182 in this year’s All-Star Game in a defense-less contest.

For many fans, pundits and even players alike, this has been a long time coming. The performance from the previous All-Star Game warrants a change in order to keep it exciting.

Everybody likes to see a lob off the backboard with a powerful dunk to finish, and the first few times drew hearty cheers and a round of applause. However, after the other occasions it began to become tedious and predictable, especially when the paint was left completely unattended for the entirety of the game. The defense was non-existent, and this was the deciding factor. Without defense it was just a matter of questioning who was going to score next. It was predictable, and not entertaining in the slightest.

“Chris said, ‘We need to fix this,’” Silver said while speaking on a panel at MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference on Friday.

“I just think this is one where we just have to reset.”

It is an All-Star Game, and you are out there to have fun. You hear people talking about 4-point shots, something that’s not about to happen in the NBA but maybe in an All-Star Game; maybe there’s a few spots on the floor where it is a 4-point shot, maybe there’s a half-court shot in the last minute that is 10 points. I don’t know. Maybe those are crazy ideas,” Silver continued.

The Commissioner rounded off the conference stating that while the intensity of the All-Star Game shouldn’t match that of a playoff game, ‘the guys should be playing’. He also encourages all fans with any ideas to email their thoughts to Adam@NBA.com.

Hopefully, the All-Star Game returns to the pinnacle of popularity it once was a few seasons ago, and with the players and the league recognizing this, next year’s game may be one to watch out for. A breath of fresh air is exactly what this contest needs.

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