The special advisor of the Philadelphia 76ers, Jerry Colangelo, said Friday that evaluating UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball is ‘challenging’ because of the people around him. Colangelo is most likely talking about Ball’s outspoken father LaVar Ball. Though he didn’t mention LaVar, it is sure that he is being spoken about here. Colangelo made the comments on Sports Radio 94 WIP in Philadelphia.

Ball’s skills don’t scare away Colangelo at all as he told Sports Radio 94: “I think Ball is a terrific player and could have an outstanding career.” There is a very good chance that Lonzo does fall to the 76ers on draft day, as it is known that the Boston Celtics will most likely pass on him with the 1st overall selection due to Ball’s camp denying a workout with the team.

Ball worked with the Los Angeles Lakers on June 7th. The Lakers also do have concerns regarding LaVar and his potential influence on Lakers drafting or passing on Ball. It was rumored over the weekend that if the NBA Draft was today, the Lakers would for sure pass on Ball.

With the 76ers knowing that there is a 50/50 chance that the Lakers would be passing on Ball and the chances of his sliding past the team is getting higher each and every day, it is time to really work out the situation and question if Ball is a safe selection at 3.

There are some questions about Ball’s play on the court. For instance, Ball was outplayed tremendously against Kentucky in the Sweet 16 of March Madness when Kentucky guard De’Aaron Fox scored 39 points and made Ball look lazy on defense. Right after the game, Ball declared for the draft, which definitely puts his character and loyalty to a team in question.

Regardless if LaVar is having a negative impact on his son’s potential draft stock and his career in the NBA, Lonzo will be a top-6 draft selection. To any team that selects him, the media will flock to that team and that could be concerning to players that are around Ball because of unwanted attention. There is also the issue of potential personal insults like LaVar made towards Lonzo’s UCLA teammates.

The 76ers have been rumored to be selecting Kansas standout, Josh Jackson and Duke, Jayson Tatum at the 3rd overall pick.

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