3 Reasons Why Steph Will Leave The Warriors In Free Agency

Last season, Stephen Curry was on top of the world.

This is a player who was the clear-cut MVP, and was even changing the game of basketball with his perimeter skills. This season however, he’s been less productive. Some would argue that’s it’s been a disappointment. As a result, there are three reasons as to why Steph is more than likely to leave Golden State during the offseason.

  1. Kevin Durant

Usually subpar team chemistry cannot be blamed on just a single player alone, but the 2017 Golden State Warriors look like an exception.

After his Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals last season, superstar Kevin Durant decided to join the one team he couldn’t beat. A Warriors team that was previously 73-9, now compiled with a superstar lineup of Curry, Klay Thompson, Durant and Draymond Green all together, it looked nothing short of “unstoppable” on paper. But in exchange for one great player, the Warriors dumped several key-players without thinking about what made their 73-9 season special:


As a ball-dominant player, Durant muffed up everyone’s role — especially Steph’s, who can no longer run the offense as comfortably.

  1. There’s No Place Like Home

While the Hornets are far from the most popular NBA franchise, Steph has deep ties to Charlotte.

Being raised there, even spending his High School/Collegiate days, and also knowing that his father Dell Curry played for the Charlotte Hornets for most of Steph’s childhood, Steph will always have a solidified connection to his hometown.

I know there might be some doubters, and the chances of this happening is less than 50/50. Remember when everyone believed Durant would sign with the Washington Wizards, but then it turned out Durant didn’t even set-up a meeting with them during FA?

Regardless, the difference between Durant and Curry is that Durant never mentioned playing for Washington while Curry said the Hornets are on his radar. But who knows, if the Cubs could win the World Series and Donald Trump win the presidential election in 2016, is it impossible to picture Curry signing with the Hornets in 2017?

  1. Legacy

Steph Curry’s achievements are amazing. He is a two-time MVP, who has made a record 402 threes in a season and has also been a great leader throughout the years. But here’s his problem: the mark of a true star is that they can carry their team if needed.

Examples of this might be stepping up in the clutch or leading an average team into a deep playoff-run. But so far, Curry has shown up in the Finals despite his astonishing regular season play, and the Warriors have so much talent it’s hard to credit Curry alone for their success. Changing teams will allow Curry to be the main option, whilst earning respect.