The Golden State Warriors have been dominant in the first two games of the Finals so far. They have been clicking on all cylinders offensively, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have had no answer for them defensively.

Game 3 is a must win for Cleveland, and they must take their game to another level if they want to win. Golden State were up 2-0 last year, and threw the series away. They must look to put their foot on the necks of Cleveland, and go up 3-0 so the series will never be in doubt. The stakes have not been higher all season. Expect this game to be the best one we have seen all season!

Keys for Cleveland

Tyronn Lue has made it clear that he has no intentions of changing his fast-paced style of play going into Game 3.

If Cleveland wants to keep playing this up-tempo style, their defense must be better for it to work. LeBron James did a great job early in Game 2 attacking the rim off of missed shots and turnovers.

Cleveland did a good job of forcing turnovers in Game 2, but it was not enough. They must be more sound defensively and make sure that Golden State does not get out in the fast break too much.

Kyrie Irving struggled tremendously thus far this series, and he must find a way to bounce back. He took too many bad shots that led to easy baskets on the other end. He must find a way to find his shot within the offense, and be more judicious in his shot selection. If Irving plays up to his standard in Game 3, Cleveland will have a great chance of winning.

The role players for Cleveland struggled immensely at Oracle Arena. If Cleveland wants to win, they must step up their game. J.R. Smith and Deron Williams cannot afford to go scoreless like they did in Game 2, Tristan Thompson must be a presence defensively and on the glass, and Kyle Korver must be a threat from the three-point line. Expect all of them to be more comfortable on their home turf.

Keys for Golden State

Golden State committed twenty turnovers in Game 2. That type of sloppiness with the basketball away from home can lead to runs that they might not be able to bounce back from. They must be secure with ball, or it will cost them dearly.

Golden State has done a solid job defensively, but they still have had no answer for LeBron James. He is averaging a triple-double through two games, and his aggression will only increase with his back against the wall. They need to throw different defensive looks at him, and try to make him uncomfortable. It’s basically impossible to stop him completely, but making him work harder for shots will deplete his energy — which will be key late in the game.

Klay Thompson did a great job making things difficult for Kyrie Irving in Game 2. His effort defensively will be crucial for Golden State.

Prediction: Cleveland wins 118 – 111

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